Perspective: Blogging, one year on

So this post is a day late, since I’ve been mulling it over since yesterday – a retrospective look at my one year of blogging. First, I’m surprised I have fewer than 400 posts, in fact the exact number is 377, just a tad over one post a day. OTOH, I have 447 comments, which I feel is on the lower side when you think about some of the impassioned debates that have taken place here.

Anyway, I thought deeply about this landmark post and after much thought, decided to share something that normally I wouldn’t have posted about. One of the things that I’d decided when I started blogging – after a requisite amount of research and commenting online in the blogosphere – was to formulate the unwritten rules of blogging for myself. There were things that I just wasn’t going to talk about in the public domain. My rule was simple, if you can’t talk about it at a networking luncheon or at the watercooler in the office, don’t blog it. That has been taken from my extensive reading, sadly I can’t remember where I read it. Is it plagiarism, if a post is written and no one reads it?

OTOH, I can now post about why I met Bill Moggridge at IDEO a couple weeks ago 🙂 – he’s asked me to join the brainstorming session about CONNECTING ’07 – the World Congress of Design to be held in San Francisco next year. Way cool, huh?

Anyway, here’s what I normally wouldn’t have blogged – my personal viewpoint of what blogging is and how I see it. To me, blogging is a brand building exercise and I begain it as such. An unnamed source, on hearing my thoughts of branching out on my own, last March, suggested I start a blog to build a brand. I didn’t believe in blogs – the only ones I’d seen were from the middle or bottom of the bell curve, not impressive at all. But I was persuaded to try and so on my birthday (March 24 2005) I started a very private blog called Prescience. I eventually picked up the courage to go public, and with a due dose of humility, changed Prescience to Perspective. I figured, that way, if I was wrong, it was only imho 🙂

One of the biggest things that helped me in my creation and maintenance of a personal blog was approaching it was though it was a brand building exercise, as had been suggested. This allowed me to step away from the perils of being controlled by readership numbers, link metrics and the then omnipotent ‘A’ List. Once free from those shackles, I was able to write freely about what I wanted and what interested me. For those of you who have patiently heard me talk on the phone or listened to me blather on, it would come as no surprise, besides, it took the pressure off of you guys since I now had an outlet to blather on in, to my hearts content.

What humbles me, every day, is the impact and reach of said blathering. I’ve made friends with many of you, who were unknown to me before I started this blog, and I’ve made clients of some of you 🙂 Because I had no illusions about the purpose of this blog – an outlet, a trial, a testing ground, if you please, for my concepts and ideas and observations – each response has been a pleasant surprise. In some cases, cause for embarressment – I shan’t forget the responses I received in NYC during the Core77 event. Thank you.

And for some of you, I’ve been an enigma, for that I must apologize. My only rationale, it’s not an excuse, is that I took some extremely personal decisions on where and how I would invest my time and energy. It’s not personal, it’s just me. Yes, that includes the many things that I will never blog about. It’s my own personal journey to where and when I am, and from where and whence I came. To those of you who know, or have known me, I thank you for your kindness, your friendship and your continued and unalloyed support. You know who you are. And if you don’t, you should, no? 😛

So in summation, it’s been an eventful twelve months of blogging, and I find that I shall continue. While it’s easy to say that all that I’ve achieved in the past year has been entirely due to this blog, it’s not exactly true. I guess my real human being self has also had a part to play in it. But looking back, all I can say, is, dayummm, I’ve come a long way, baby 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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5 Responses to Perspective: Blogging, one year on

  1. Rita Patel says:

    And thank you for writing – it has been personally inspiring, informative and fun. I am really happy to have met you. Looking foward to year 2+,congratulations.

  2. Happy Birthday, Niti!
    It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you and your ideas. Looking forward to lots more stimulating interaction in the coming years.

  3. Ralf Beuker says:

    congratulations to what you’ve achieved within one year; I think it’s impressive! Year 2 will clearly bring lot’s of new opportunities as well. Greetings from Germany!

  4. Mark says:

    Thank you for posting too. I can only encourage you to go on.

  5. niti bhan says:

    thank you all for your good wishes, sorry it took me so long to comment, it’s been a crazy day today…

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