I LOVE my job too :)

So I was thinking about what Param said in the comments section of the previous post, and my reply to him, which was that I don’t have a job. On reflection I realized that it was not technically true. While it’s true that I don’t have a job, neither am I unemployed. So how best to articulate this?

While pondering the post, I realized it’s just twelve days to the first post evah – i.e. Perspective’s first anniversary. It will be one year since I began blogging in the public domain on April 24th 2006. My, how time flies! Especially when it’s been so much fun. And looking back at the early posts, shows me exactly how I came to hold the position I do today – my title is ‘sole proprietor’ and I’m wholly employed by ‘nitibhan.com’. This is not being facetious or flippant, in fact, it’s on my resume.

Since I resigned from my last ‘real’ job, that of Director, Graduate Recruiting at the Institute of Design, IIT, the only position I’ve held has been of Niti Bhan. The qualifications have evolved over time. And my blog shows the creation of nitibhan.com – writing in the design field, getting my business cards, wondering about my bio, taking the decision to live in liminality, dreaming about the West Coast, exploring opportunities, seeking kairos, wondering what to call myself, evaluating business opportunities, choosing to move to San Francisco, my last day at ‘work’. Wow! It’s all in there, and my liminal explorations are collected under Limnos.

You see, I realized that I finally have the position that I’d always wanted – guaranteed lifetime employment, tenure, job security and being irreplaceable all rolled into one. I’m Niti Bhan, of nitibhan.com for life.

Unless I sign away the rights to my name, in which case, as I was telling a friend of mine that my basic concept is that of differentiation by design, wherein one identifies one’s core value proposition and articulates it, thus connecting with those who need what you have to offer – the essence of good branding. So if I did sign away the rights to my name, I bet I could build the same again, in a year, as Jane Doe, sole proprietor of JaneDoe.com, don’t you think?

I also believe anyone can do this – it’s not a job or a title, and of course no one else could become Niti Bhan, nor would they or should they want to – but certainly build their own ‘brand’ based on their unique value proposition which no else (but maybe their identical twin) would have to offer.

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5 Responses to I LOVE my job too :)

  1. Lynnette says:

    Hi Niti, I was reading your recent blog post on your job title. In fact, I think the position you are in now is pretty cool. You had started to gathered & build character around your name ‘Niti Bhan’. So it is no longer just a person’s name, but a name for a new defined profession.
    Perhaps it is something like Bauhaus. Initially it is a name of a school. Years later, the word Bauhaus become more than a name for a school, it is like a style, a term to describe something.
    So I guess now, you are in the mist to build up his ‘Niti Bhan’, giving it more & more & clear definition.
    I guess this is super possible in the current world. We create new terms ourselves. Like Google (a name of a search engine) now turns into an action word (‘googling’).
    Especially in your case, when you introduce yourself, its ‘Niti Bhan’, not the conventional, “oh I am Lynn, Industrial Designer”. (The feeling is like I am still something else, in this case a ID, not Lynn).

  2. niti bhan says:

    that is a very poweful insight you have going there… you’re right, it’s in today’s world that we are able to do this, even 10 years ago it would not have been possible without spending a lot of time if you were lucky.
    While I wouldn’t equate myself to google because I don’t want ‘niti’ to become a verb, though hmmm it means strategy in sanskrit so maybe :))
    Anyway the start is thinking you’re Lynn. full stop. the ID is what you do, it is a part of you, Lynn, but it, alone, does not define you, instead you define it. Does that make sense?

  3. Lynnette says:

    Yup, I am creating identity & defining ‘Lynn’.

  4. Feel fortunate that you have such a memorable name, Niti. It is punchy and pleasant to say. You can be addressed with Niti or Niti Bhan with equal efficency, it gives a person a choice in how to address or identify you, based on the cadence of their speach, which means that your name is poetic, and invites poetry from those that have Niti Bhan on their mind.

  5. niti bhan says:

    “invites poetry…” alan, how nice! thank you

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