Waiting for an appropriate title

You’d think this post would have an easy title, if you have suggestions after reading it, do comment… I’ll change it with due credit, how’s that? Why? Because all I can think of are facetious titles or flippant ones, yet I know that they aren’t really appropriate. Ok, ok, alright already, I’m getting to the point.

Today I had lunch with Bill Moggridge followed by an hour of rampant brainstorming with David Kelley at IDEO, Palo Alto. The funny part is that these were two seperate meetings set up for two entirely different reasons. It just so happened that when I sprained my ankle badly last Saturday (the 1st of April, Fool that I was…) I had to reschedule the meeting Bill Moggridge had requested.

Meeting two such personages (there’s no other word, really) in the industry in which you live and breathe in can be overwhelming. Especially when it’s such an adventure! My biggest surprise, though why it should be one, I don’t know, was just how nice and kind they were. Here I am, a cog in the grand wheel, and they, at least the gears that direct the motion yet their courtesy and down to earth sheer niceness was what blew me away.

After being exposed to the phenomena of rockstar designers, it is eye opening to meet with the real stars of design. More on this topic as I ruminate on lessons learnt.

Oh, and if any you think this needs any links, let me know 😛

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5 Responses to Waiting for an appropriate title

  1. JT says:

    My thoughts on this are that Bill and David are people. I constantly am reminded by a comment my wife made to me a long time back. I was getting ready for a big presentation, one of my first to a “major” corporation. I was very nervous. Couldn’t sleep nervous.
    She, more out of annoyance that I was keeping her up, reminded me of some key points:
    1. These people are no different than you. They put on their pants one leg at a time.
    2. I played softball with an exec for a major software company. Arguably a person as easily recognizable in his industry as David or Bill. My wife reminded me that I sat and had beer with him just like my other friends that had “regular” 9 to 5 jobs. Why be nervous presenting/speaking with this company.
    She was right. I fell asleep, and kicked some tail on the presentation the next day.
    My point? Fill us in on what your meeting was about, what you learned from them. Even better, what they learned from you. They are people. People that have been very successful. But people none the less.
    My title suggestions: “Lunch with Collegues”, “Lunch with Designers”, “Lunch with Friends?”

  2. RIta Patel says:

    “Stars Are People Too”…or something to that effect.

  3. niti bhan says:

    Hi JT, Very insightful story, thank you for sharing with us. I will see what I can write about my meetings, at the very least, my lessons learnt, even if I can’t talk about much else yet in the public domain, ok?
    And I like Rita’s title… 🙂

  4. Param says:

    Not able to come up with a decent title ‘coz I just can’t get over this overwhelming feeling of envy!!!!!!! I just love YOUR job! 😉

  5. niti bhan says:

    Hi Param
    You start feeling better 🙂 I *don’t* have a job…:))

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