Local color: New Delhi, India 12/2005

Just adding some local colour for a change. This is my mom (in green, peering up in the background) buying ‘semal ki rui‘ or a soft, silky cotton to make me a pillow. We stopped at this store near our apartment in Alaknanda, New Delhi, after I complained my pillow had gone flat again. Yes, it’s very puffy and soft now 🙂


This is a quilt being handmade to order for some client. While this is technically ‘bespoke’ or ‘custom tailoring’, this is not considered luxury, it’s the regular way to buy pillows, comforters, cushions and mattresses. Ironically, the height of luxury is to buy it at a fancy showroom with brand name products mass produced at some factory. But for me in SF, my mom made ‘semal ki rui’ pillow’ is the height of luxury 🙂


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4 Responses to Local color: New Delhi, India 12/2005

  1. AiAlone.com says:

    That Word Again

    That word luxury pops up again.nbsp; Here is a perfect example ofnbsp;why I am put off by the word luxury.nbsp; Its as subjective as the color blue.nbsp; Niti shows how what is considered common-place in India (custom, hand-made qui…

  2. Luxe: Contextually Defined

    Niti Bhan writes delightfully personal reflections about design and globalization on her Perspective blog. This post reminded me of a very important principle: luxury, like beauty, is deeply contextual. Designers: ignore this at your peril. Here’s what…

  3. Binoy says:

    Truly the last word in luxury 🙂

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