Indian brand, design; Chinese fake


Three wheeler (autorickshaw) run on CNG – compressed natural gas – therefore the green rather than black and yellow.

Bajaj Auto is an Indian icon in the two wheeler and three wheeler market. ‘Hamara Bajaj‘ (our Bajaj) has been a tagline in advertising for as long as I can remember. And to bandy names around, I’ve actually been in the same room as Rahul Bajaj, he was a guest at my cousin’s wedding in Pune ten years ago. They recently rebranded and were ranked in the top ten by the latest BCG report making the rounds. Needless to say, when I read this short piece in The Economic Times, I couldn’t resist reposting it in full:

Chinese 3-wheelers sell under Indian name
SUNDAY, APRIL 09, 2006 02:38:16 AM

NEW DELHI: Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. But for India’s largest two and three-wheeler maker Bajaj Auto, it’s more of a wake-up call — to stand up and protect a brand that’s been a household name in India for decades.

Last week, Pune-based Bajaj Auto was jolted by a new threat — a lesser known Chinese rival which was making and marketing CNG three-wheelers in dragon land under the brand name ‘Bajaj’.

The Chinese copy, built by Gaongqing Union Auto Co, has nearly the same dimensions as the Indian original. But the Chinese manufacturers are offering custom-built options as well.

Though Bajaj Auto MD Rajeev Bajaj points out that efforts are on to track the copycat and raise intellectual property rights issues with the firm, industry insiders say it’s easier said than done.

Some say China will buy global brands to penetrate international markets. Others say they will build their own. What does this little news nugget say? There’s a faster, cheaper way.

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3 Responses to Indian brand, design; Chinese fake

  1. Razib Ahmed says:

    Copy cat is always bad. Bazaz should now come forward to tackle the issue. Now, good relationship between China and India exists. Thus it is much easier to talk to Chinese authority than the past.

  2. niti bhan says:

    Well, IP issues have always surrounded doing business with China, other nations have good relationships with China, yet they’ve suffered the same problems with imitations and fakes. This one is just more ridiculously blatant than most, keeping the Bajaj brand name. That is *so* not a chinese surname.

  3. Perspective says:

    Fast followerhood as national strategy?

    Niblettes posts his perception of China’s Innovation strategy, I’m reposting a respectable amount of it here, for his argument is intriguing enough to debate,China has positioned itself as a fast-follower rather than a trail-blazer — partnering with GM…

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