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I just stumbled on the most wonderful blog. Normally it takes me a few visits to get the feel of the place and subscribing, but this blog was rivetting. Take it from me, go and browse eggsbaconchipsandbeans, yummy! Advertisements

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Speed kills a new idea

Conventional wisdom states that the best brainstorming sessions are the extremely rapid fire ones where ideas are flying out like arrows and much energy is expended. In actual fact, you need a little bit of deliberation before you can make … Continue reading

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Games design thinkers play

There has been some buzz about World of Warcraft players preferred as job candidates, for example, here As one gamer described the leader’s challenge when coordinating online military action: "Members come from six different continents, … have varying degrees of … Continue reading

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The design thinking way to brand management

From Jeffery Pfeffer and Robert Sutton’s new book, Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths & Total Nonsense comes this concise encapsulation of design thinking, Design thinking is one of enlightened trial and error wherein one observes the world, identifies the patterns of … Continue reading

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Strategy and enlightenment

I’ve been struggling with two thoughts that wish to become posts, but neither is the kind that one can simply sit at the computer and write about. They need to be worked out in full, plotted, you could say, and … Continue reading

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Global Warming’s greatest hits

MotherJones has this really cool interactive globe (resembles a Mercator) with icons you can click on to get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of what’s happening around the world as a result of global warming. Since it’s flash, I’m linking to … Continue reading

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Perspective: Blogging, one year on

So this post is a day late, since I’ve been mulling it over since yesterday – a retrospective look at my one year of blogging. First, I’m surprised I have fewer than 400 posts, in fact the exact number is … Continue reading

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