Launch : Design Industry News and Newsletter

I’ve been busy, as some of you know, with the Core77/BusinessWeek Design Directory website. Just launched it officially yesterday.

The Monday Morning Must Read is a newsletter for those whose responsibility includes sourcing and selecting design services – new product introductions, product marketing, marketing, design and creative departments – at companies. You could, of course, skip straight to subscription here. They’re …uh… watching me to see how I do.

The Industry News site is based on blog publishing software, for the convenience of Core77 and myself, to update it periodically with short posts that we believe would be of interest to professionals managing design, innovation and creative consultancies and individuals. We aren’t assuming that our audience is aware of the nitty gritty details of design.

For the launch and initial time period, I’m the editor. I’d love feedback on this initiative, with tips or information on what you think would be of interest to our audience. Our aim is to maximize your ROI in design. Story and post pitches welcome. Email me at niti at core77 dot com, but don’t expect a reply till the 30th of March 🙂 Merci Beaucoup, mes amies.

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2 Responses to Launch : Design Industry News and Newsletter

  1. Niti,
    I’ve begun using the Core77 design directoryand I am finding the navigation a bit disconcerting. For example, when I select a search tag (say, “design strategy”), the page automatically refreshes with the results but the tag I selected dissapears from the selection box. This is a way-finding, bread-crumbing thing. Further, I have no idea how to combine tag searching with “search by name” or “browse by field” to do search filtering.

  2. niti bhan says:

    To paraphrase ‘Bones’ in Star Trek,
    “I’m a blogger, not a webmaster, Jim” 🙂
    I’ve forwarded your comments to the webmaster.. enjoy the content in the blog and newsletter!

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