The world is flat 2.0

Today I received this link to a two minute movie made by Terri Ducay, VP, Data Synthesis & Design Studio Leader at Cheskin. Take a moment
to click through and look at it.

So what’s the big deal, you may ask?

Terri made it without a ‘Hollywood’ budget, with just her her Mac, a digital camera,
a microphone and her own design experience uploading it to share with
the rest of the world. She showed it to me on her Video iPod. She calls
them ‘videopods’. She’s neither a teenager nor a gamer, Gen X or Y or Z
– the traditional demographic targeted with these toys and the 2.0
crowd. But she’s not only ‘got it’ – the whole empowerment and co-creation bit, her visual expertise makes it a poignant tribute.

How cool is that?

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4 Responses to The world is flat 2.0

  1. Hilmir says:

    It IS cool! I like it. And youtube is a godsend, I spend random hours on it sometimes, just sucked into it, sucked into the youtube.

  2. niti bhan says:

    But Hilmir, *you* are the demographic they seek to serve 🙂 you’re supposed to get sucked into it. Anyway, I added a few more thoughts on after Terri wrote back to me – she’s using this simple and quick tool to communicate the ‘user’ or the customer’s brand experience
    “it’s all about bringing the customer to life and showing how meaningful experiences play a significant role for company products and services.”
    In two minutes she can communicate more about the thoughts and feelings that come up in research than any large report can, helping the companies to better understand how their brand/product is perceived.
    What if you tried it in Singapore?

  3. Hilmir says:

    Haha, I guess I’m helpless in the face of demographic-specific target marketing. And it’s more amazing, how these engaging tools/creations are usually the most simplest & straightforward. I mean, with youtube, its just a place where folks upload clips, but yet it manages to captivate, entertain, stimulate, educate & maybe even enlighten its users.
    I do recall crafting video-moodboards for projects in my Poly days. Using self-editing automated softwares like the ones from Muvee Technologies, we collected images, audio & graphics, and conjured up scripts, to maybe potray a need for the products we proposed or to describe an intangible ritual/user process or maybe just to create a not so boring and static representation of a mood or reference point.
    The use of mini-movies is quite popular in advertising, where, I think, in the past TV commercials would employ a more one-sided & direct approach to connecting with its audience, now, they actually try to produce little bite-sized movies, playing on poignant messages or rapid but emotionally moving graphics or just by making people smile. The transition of montages from being just one of the tools of communication-utilised in boardrooms & for discussion, to now actually being the final end product for the audience.
    It really is an effective medium and almost always much easier to be receptive to, than say a person presenting with 5 boards, which might prove to be too draggy & monotonous.

  4. Niti Bhan says:

    Take your concept one step further – short ‘stories’ acting as ads that people download onto their videopods? communicating the user preferences in design adn emailing it to your client? putting a link up to hilmir explaining his concepts in his portfolio on Coroflot?

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