And in the honor of March 8


Daughters require dowry             

Daughters cannot carry on the family name
Daughters are seen as lower than sons

Today is International Women’s Day, I thought it apt to stop and take a moment to think about it – this newsbit from the BBC’s site is just one of many that touch upon some of the issues that surround the fact of being female. While I wholly intend to return to ‘regular programming’ soon, I can’t ignore some basic demographic facts either. Or as Andrew Zolli says, in a slightly different context, in Fast Company,

Your future is older, browner, and more feminine than you might have realized.

Um… and I know this is taken totally out of context, but I’ve been wanting to say it for some time, I sure indeed hope my future is older, browner and more feminine *grins* I’d hate not to have a future.

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