Dear Readers

Thank you! Thank you to so many of you that I met yesterday at the Design 2.0 event in New York.

Thank you to the young woman who said "Keep writing" as she walked past me – I know you were waiting to talk to me at one point but we missed each other, please email me.

Thank you to Rita, who turned out to be almost Reader #1 – certainly in my Top 10 – see you in SF in a couple of weeks.

And thank you to the young man who squealed out my name and made me feel like a rockstar.

And it was wonderful to meet a fellow blogger in person and to talk rather than read. A shout out to Tom Guarriello!!!

This was fun. Details with pix tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Dear Readers

  1. (Coming out of the lurker zone, Tom says…) Hi Niti! Apparently, you CAN do magic…
    Thanks for the shout out! Great to meet you.

  2. niti bhan says:

    Ha! Time to change my line again… *magic* is best done in secret 🙂 So nice to have met you, Tom.

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