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Paris photos, first set

I’ve got my first set of Paris pics up on Flickr. The rest should be going up soon, still debating whether I want to spring for a Pro account or not. Silly me! This one is from the metro station … Continue reading

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Capturing Paris

I discovered Rodin moved me in real far more than any image ever did. I discovered that seeing Picasso’s paintings in person can be powerful. Alliteration aside, Paris was a complex experience. Rumor had it that Parisians are rude and … Continue reading

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Ooo la la

I’m trying to stay away from computers, but had to check today – received faxes! Anyway, it’s been wonderful – I’m 40 today and loving it – off to the Louvre. Details next week with lots of pictures. Yay!

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Launch : Design Industry News and Newsletter

I’ve been busy, as some of you know, with the Core77/BusinessWeek Design Directory website. Just launched it officially yesterday. The Monday Morning Must Read is a newsletter for those whose responsibility includes sourcing and selecting design services – new product … Continue reading

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Continued, contemplating 40

Neelakantan‘s egged me on a bit, not that I needed the ‘arm twisting’, to continue pondering 40 – rapidly rushing up to me as I countdown the days to my birthday on Friday. Woo hoo! Regardless of age, I have … Continue reading

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Metaphysical Metaphors

Seems like I’m on a writing binge today. Making up for lost time I guess, heh, since I’ve been slower and more ponderous of late. But hey, gotta make hay while the sun shines. Though if you ask me, what’s … Continue reading

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Contemplating Forty

So, a week before my birthday, I find myself, sitting here, contemplating 40. When all is said and done, by no stretch of imagination, are you a child anymore? Or are you? This is the question that holds me in … Continue reading

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