NYC deja vu

Here I am in New York city again. This time I get to meet Rita Patel, as I’d mentioned in my previous notes and attend the Design 2.0 event organized by Core77. Should be exciting.

What was really cool was meeting the founder of a startup that sounded really exciting on the flight to NYC, there may be a good chance I’ll be doing some work for them. I’ll be writing more about them/him once we’ve touched base again and I have permission to say more. But what I can say is that if there are 3 C’s of success in any endeavour – charisma, credentials and credibility – then he had them in spades.

And the deja vu, was that it was on the same day (within 24 hours) that I met my first client last year on a flight from Chicago to San Francisco.

I need to fly more often, wait, I need to fly on these days every year! Of course, it was also on the 28th of February in 1998 that I flew to the United States from India. So maybe there’s something about the end of February that’s special?

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