Collections : India – design, business and jugaad

Time for another collection – this time, it’s design, business and observations from India.73770048_1364ebcee0

India Everywhere – Davos, advertising campaign and all the economic data you want.
The Design Business – first book on what design is and its impact on business in India
Anecdotes from The President of the Republic of India’s speech in Singapore
Profile of a globally competitive nation – excerpt from the President’s speech; his vision
One of my teachers – philosophy in a nutshell, Swami Vivekananda’s words
Cultural information contained in an Indian name
Story of my given name – Chanakya’s niti shastra

On jugaad
Engine of innovation in India – eyewitness account
Jugaad = Indian innovation – definitions, citations and5rupees_front_1 examples
Innovation lessons from the bottom of the pyramid – with examples of rural inventions
Design for the unknown problem – attempt at putting jugaad in context with design
Photographs of rural innovations – from the National Innovation Foundation
"Make it happen" economy – knowledge as competitive advantage

Notes from New Delhi – Observations on the Indian economic boom, December 2005
New Delhi photographs – December 2005
The Karma of Brown Folk – an interracial encounter at New Delhi airport, December 2005
Images of New Delhi – December 20025rupees_back_2
Delhi, intermittently supplied – observations after 6 years, December 2002, with pix

Generation Y and the rest of the world – global demographic shifts and their implication
Opinion on Walmart and India – before entering new markets
Walmart and India – my two rupees worth of comment made elsewhere
Rant on India, China, Walmart and Innovation – Grant McCracken’s insightful post
Process of entering a new market – Design thinking and Kellogg’s cornflakes
Gold rush II: India’s emerging markets – wait and see approach
Comparing strengths – India, China and the United States with requisite 2×2 matrix
Myth of India’s Liberalization – June 2005 from India Uncut
Take a quick trip through 4600 years – there’s more than just 10 slides, you think?
Where are all the Asia hands? –  on the use of ‘asia’ and ‘asian’ in the business press
Kaledioscopic comparative advantage – instead of the flat world
Working late, corporate responsibility for working women in India
On chamchagiri, reblogged without cross cultural interpretation
Bromide‘ – advertising ten years ago

How the liberalization of the Indian economy made an impact on one company’s transformation from Result Integrated Marketing Services to Result:McCann – Part One, Two and Three OR what happens when an MNC buys a local company?

Design and Innovation tour of India – for The Innovation Insider, January 2005
Putting the ‘desi’ in Design – for Core77, February 2006, analysis of the strengths of the Indian design industry demonstrating their value for product design and development for emerging and developing markets
Power of a well designed product – design’s impact on the brand in a new market
Brand development in India – evolution of design’s prominence in India, subjective
Hey Bhagwan –  design school entrance test in India
The magic of design – gut feel? experience? ‘knowing’?
Underpinning philosophy of Charles Eames white paper for the Indian design industry
Quotes from The Eames Report used to found the National Institute of Design, India

We would hope that
those leaving the institute would leave with a start towards a real
education. They should be trained not only to solve problems – but what
is more important, they should be trained to help others solve their
One of the most valuable functions of a good industrial
designer today is to ask the right questions of those concerned so that
they become
freshly involved and seek a solution themselves.

Books on India
Being Indian or why the 21st century will be India’s by Pavan Kumar Varma
India 2020: A vision for the new millenium – APJ Abdul Kalam
One night at the call center – Chetan Bhagat
The Argumentative Indian – Amartya Sen
Tryst with Destiny – thoughts on Independence day with book recommendations

Classic Bollywood movies
Collections from the Indian blogosphere for Diwali

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4 Responses to Collections : India – design, business and jugaad

  1. Ashish Banerjee says:

    Loved the McCann India story… Sorab is a good friend, used to know Rajat as well.

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    Thanks, Ashish. Did you work with them at ME?

  3. Ashish Banerjee says:

    I spent about a decade w McCann, in NY, Bucharest, Milan & London. From 2000-2004 I looked after the Gillette and MasterCard businesses regionally, from Europe to India, plus MidEast & Africa; this entailed a couple of visits to the Delhi and/or Bombay offices each year. Flew into ME Bombay in 2001 to pitch ICICI Infotech w Rajat. Sorab invited me back to address an ME India board meeting in Delhi in 2003, and I was back again in ’04 to pitch Airtel w UM. Have known Sorab since 1996, when he tried to get me to come back to India from NY. Still in regular touch, he’s a mentor and a friend.

  4. Niti Bhan says:

    Sent you an email. Minuscule world innit?

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