Imitation is the sincerest form of innovation?

I’ve been a long time BusinessWeek watcher, with bits of Fast Company interspersed, not their articles so much as their antics, for quite some time now but this one, my friends, with all due respect, takes the cake.

BusinessInnovation 2005 was the original name of the blog that accompanied FORTUNE magazine’s Innovation Conference back in the first week of December 2005, and editor Dominic Basulto has really grown it into a worthwhile body of knowledge. More than three weeks ago they relaunched (since it was now 2006) as The Innovation Insider.

Well, just a few days ago I received this newsletter from BusinessWeek
[html file] in my inbox  – I’m a subscriber so it was to be expected when they launched this newsletter on innovation and design. I didn’t notice anything untoward until I came to this subscriber page today, where, if you note the name of the newsletter, copied and pasted below, it says everything that really needs to be said.

Innovation  Insider
 Learn how the latest developments in creativity, innovation, and design
thinking are influencing corporate strategy and fueling top-line growth
with our weekly Innovation newsletter.

and here’s the original email header, "BusinessWeek Online’s Innovation Insider" <>

A quick Google search turns up this result for the keywords "innovation insider". Come now, people, I’ve been so proud of your progress in the rapidly changing global environment. Don’t make me ask, WTF? 

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