“Great design requires a strong vision”

On the heels of my recent reference to James Dyson and his unwavering vision of a better vacuum cleaner, is this timely morsel by Dirk Knemeyer,

Great design requires a strong vision. Contrary to currently-accepted
dogma, great design is often driven by one key individual who has the
skill and experience to distill very complicated problems and contexts
into elegant solutions that speak directly to the very essence of the
challenge they are faced with

mediocre design continues to be churned out by companies with large
design teams that do not have a strong visionary guiding the solution,
these organizations will begin to appreciate the dramatic financial
benefits and organizational success that can be enjoyed through the
successful integration of a strong, visionary-driven design process.

Perhaps it is because the business and engineering components so often
come before or even instead of a dedicated design effort that the idea
of design as a strong, visionary function is not given its just due.
But the challenge facing most companies today – and the opportunity for
great designers – is that the design of their products is increasingly
the greatest opportunity for meaningful market differentiation.

This is but the first of what seems to be a very promising series of conversations about the role of design-driven leadership in the product development process. Check out the rest of Design Visions here.

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