Coming out of left field

Excuse me while I mix my sports metaphors here, but,

Yay! The Steelers won the SuperBowl!!!

As a onetime resident of Pittsburgh who has attended the requisite ‘SuperBowl Sunday’ parties as a newbie, I know enough to know that this is certainly newsworthy. For the sake of the passionate and dedicated Steeler fans I’ve met and befriended over the years in Pittsburgh, whose support never flagged in the decades since their team’s last win – though there were a few closecalls of late – Hooray the Steelers won.

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8 Responses to Coming out of left field

  1. niblettes says:

    battle of the eternal underdogs–I usually love the underdog, so it was hard to know who to cheer for.
    And Niti, you should know its the “Stillers” in your best younzer accent–not the Steeeeelers 🙂
    Hopefully you had an IC beer in celebration.

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    ‘yinz’ m’dear ‘yinz’ and I preferred a 75 cent Honey Brown at Dee’s on East Carson St or Yuengling at Hemingways served by Larry. been there? it’s opposite the UPitt Law School?

  3. niblettes says:

    Ah yes, Hemingways–a little out of my hood, but I know it well enough. My poison of choice was Rolling Rock at Cappy’s on Walnut or Mardis Gras on Copeland (not there anymore). Terrible drink, but affordable (maybe that should be their new slogan).

  4. Niti Bhan says:

    No, no, Bellefonte and Walnut. I lived on the other end of Bellefonte on Ellsworth. I remember when Mardi Gras was demolished, we had to sit at Doc’s *ick* 🙂 CMU students

  5. Niti Bhan says:

    Cappy’s did a nice brunch though… ok, now I’m ‘homesick’

  6. niblettes says:

    Yes of course, Bellefonte. Good god, you lived only a few blocks from me–at about the same time. The world truly is spiky.
    I remember a guy that used to hangout at Mardi Gras: he had the worst toupee–jet black and thick as felt in the shape of a WWI German military helmet, but his natural hair was a wispy oatmeal that peaked out from the bottom in random defiant tufts.
    And then there was dancing man at Cappy’s: A tall, lanky, gregarious middle aged guy who seemed to know everyone there but me, and loved to play Cher’s Believe on the jukebox over and over again as he wiggled his way around the room.
    Okay, now i’m a bit “homesick” too 😦

  7. Niti Bhan says:

    who would have thunk it? I mean, meeting here and talking about that very spot, don’t know about you, but as I read your comment, I could picture the ‘homey’ darkness of Mardi Gras, even on the brightest day, corner booth was ours to drink pitchers of Yeungling looking out at Ace Hardware 😛 Wasn’t the Cappy’s dancer the gay guy?
    Oh allright, that was a pretty street, remember the all wood house ? We looked at renting it but couldnn’t afford it.
    ‘homesick’ for a time, not a place, grad school, no responsibilities just getting to the beer on time 🙂

  8. niblettes says:

    Ha! You know dancing man!
    The Pitt did have some great old houses and buildings
    Looking back now I should have taken greater advatage of the irresponsibility grad-school offered. Life doesn’t give you many of those. Odd how when I remember school (public, undergrad, grad) I never wish I had spent more time working.

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