‘The Design Business’

The ICFAI (The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India) is a non-profit educational
society with the objective of imparting high-quality training in finance and management to students, working executives and
professionals in India. They conduct the CFA program in India. Why am I bringing this up? Well, the ICFAI runs a couple of management institutes in India, and they have the ICFAI University Press. And I hadn’t heard of them until Nirmala Rao Khadpekar,
Consulting Editor (Books) at ICFAI Business School’s Research Centre,
Ahmedabad contacted me a few months ago asking for copyright permission for an article of mine published in Core77.

Anyway, she emailed me last night that the book, The Design Business, has been approved for publication, as has the inclusion of my article and here’s the working blurb,

"The Design Business" approaches design as an umbrella term primarily
covering industrial design, product design and design management and related
areas. It also attempts to show how design knowhow generates new cultural
innovations and solutions. And how, a high quality design culture brings
international renown in the days of compulsive outsourcing, taking aesthetic
considerations, serviceability and marketing into account for products,
services, communications and the living environment.

Further, she writes that there are three sections:

Basic Concepts, Emerging Trends in Design (which has your article) and Case
There are 24 articles and cases from experts/ academics/ practitioners with an
Overview and Opening Article by the Editor.

And reading further, I realized that Ms Khadpekar has more years of experience in professional writing and journalism than I have actually being able to write. Here’s a snippet from her official bio,

Nirmala did her postgraduation in Journalism and Book Publishing
in Mumbai after a Bachelor’s Degree in Eng Lit (Hons) at University of Pune.
She is today a senior editor and feature writer with 35 years of experience
in editing journals and books – ranging over 15 years in magazine/newspaper,
12 years in industry and 8 years in management and design publications at
institutions/corporations of excellence, in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. She
has won several awards from the Association of Business Communicators of
India during her stint with industry.

She has travelled across India, and has visited East and South Africa, and
Europe on professional newspaper assignments. She has wide ranging interests
in the communication media, the liberal arts, performing and visual arts and
crafts and in the popularization of science.

And I can’t believe she picked my article for this, first professional book on the design business for Indian industry. Thank you, Nirmala.

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  1. I think it is a perfect piece i ever read on a blog.

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