Recess – India Everywhere

Logo_nov_2I’m linking to this website that my bschool classmate, Anindya Bose, sent me this morning. It compiles all the industrial, economic and demographic data you could possibly want or need on India, as presented at Davos, and a photographic retrospective of the ‘India Everywhere‘ campaign. Nice logo. What I wanna know is who was the designer? And which advertising agency did they use?

Yup, India’s everywhere, and frankly, I’m getting bored – I guess I’m
not supposed to confess to such things – but seriously, ok, alright,
India’s moving on up, etc etc, but enough already. There are lots of
other things going on in the world, and I’ve decided to make this my
last ‘Indian’ post for a while. Call it an intermission, if you will. I
haven’t paid this much attention to India, Indian news and Indian
industry in the last 8 years as I have in the last 8 weeks. I need a
break to clear my mind. Au revoir!

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One Response to Recess – India Everywhere

  1. niblettes says:

    Did Tom Peters design that logo?

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