Profile of a globally competitive nation

While there is much to be said about the content of The President of India’s speech in Singapore today titled "Evolution of Enlightened Societies", I want to share these 10 points Dr APJ Kalam describes as the profile of a globally competitive nation, or his vision for India:

Global competitiveness for any nation is indeed a big challenge. For
achieving such a competitive edge for a nation, it is essential to have
a vision. I would like to share with you my visualization of such a

1. A Nation where the rural and urban divide has reduced from a separating line to a permeable membrane.

2. A Nation where there is an equitable distribution and access to
energy and quality water besides livelihood and social security.

3. A Nation where agriculture, industry and service sectors work
together in harmony in the common technology domain resulting in
sustained wealth generation and leading to greater high value
employment opportunities.

4. A Nation where education is not denied to any meritorious candidate
because of societal or economic discrimination or because of
constraints of rules.

5. A Nation which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists, and investors from all over the world.

6. A Nation where the best of health care is available to the entire
population and the communicable diseases like AIDS/TB, water and vector
borne diseases and also the life style diseases such as cardiac
diseases, cancer and diabetes are not allowed to become epidemics.

7. A Nation where the governance uses the ICT to be responsive,
transparent, fully connected in a high bandwidth e-governance grid,
easily accessible and also simple in rules, thereby corruption free.

8. A Nation where poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy
removed and crimes against women are absent and none in the society
feels alienated or left out.

9. A Nation that is secure, peaceful and happy and continues with a sustainable growth path.

10. A Nation that is one of the best places to live in, on the earth
and brings smiles on the faces of its people. "Where the mind is without
fear and the head is held high," as said by Rabindranath Tagore.

How can the nations realize the specified goals? I will give an example
for our nation. Since India has a population of billion people, it
represents 1/6th of the population of our planet. The ideas I am going
to present may also be relevant and applicable to many developing and
even developed countries, which are aiming to shape their growth and
nurturing their development in an environment of peace and harmony with
other nations. Many countries are joining as partners in the process of
the development.

All I’ll add is look beyond the quality of the slides [ must be Bill Gates’ powerpoint designer] to the content. I’m surprised to notice that I’m feeling so inspired by any leader in recent years.

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