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NYC deja vu

Here I am in New York city again. This time I get to meet Rita Patel, as I’d mentioned in my previous notes and attend the Design 2.0 event organized by Core77. Should be exciting. What was really cool was … Continue reading

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Empowerment and co-creation – Entering new markets

…analysts say the company must overcome obstacles that typically accompany entering a new market, such as a lack of name recognition and nuances in customer preference. This sentence in a LA Times article about the entry of Japanese convenience stores … Continue reading

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Armchair books on a handmade rug

Inspired by Kathy Sierra’s wonderful post and photograph of the books on and around her table, I decided to arrange the various books currently piled up on the rug next to my favorite armchair. All of these are recent buys … Continue reading

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Cider with Rosie

Tonight I heard the words said to me "Cider with Rosie" and I said, Oh my god! I haven’t heard those words since I was 15 years old. Instantly memories of early adolescence, puberty and all the pangs of hormonally … Continue reading

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Is business development:business as style:design?

The title of this post is an attempt to articulate the question "Wouldn’t you say that business development has become to business as styling has become to design?" It sparks from a conversation on building and creating a ‘brand’ – … Continue reading

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Pre-post mind dump

I found that when I have a post burbling in the back of my mind and too much going on in the forefront, I need to do a mind dump before I can start writing. So here goes, I just … Continue reading

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And a word from our current BFF

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