What customer service really means

Earlier today I went over to my regular ‘Leroy cleaning center’ as Dewey Lee, the owner has grandly named his establishment on Sacramento and Leroy, in a hurry to get my clothes done in time for my flight tomorrow morning. I’d been trying for a couple of days and things just seem to get in the way. In fact, on Sunday, for some reason, thinking it was Saturday, I’d taken the pile of clothes down only to find the store closed.

As I talked to him around noon today, I asked him what happened yesterday, I’d tried calling [I didn’t want to drag the load again without ensuring it was open] and assumed it was closed. And I showed him the number I’d dialled – on Tuesdays they close early and I was trying some ‘jugaad’ to get my clothes done. He said it was the wrong number, where had I gotten it, I said, from the 2006 pocket diary you’d given me. He said, oh no, that was my mistake. Here, let me take the clothes and I’ll have them ready for you by 3pm. I’d mentioned to him that I had to leave for the airport at 6am which was why I couldn’t come back tomorrow to pick up the clothes. Pleased by his offer I left the store.

Around 2.30pm he called to say that due to some reasons they could not have my clothes ready by 3pm, however, could he deliver them at 11pm tonight? Taken aback, I thanked him profusely and just a few minutes ago, on the dot of 11pm, Dewey himself delivered a large packet of my clothes on his motor scooter. To my very door. Now I don’t know whether the bill he proffered had taken his overtime and extra effort into account, and neither do I care. I added another 25% to the total anyway to express my astonishment and appreciation. Laundry is not duty, but to Dewey it is. And this was service above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you, Leroy Cleaning Center, Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA.

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4 Responses to What customer service really means

  1. Binoy-Milton says:

    That word “jugaad”, is just so right. Can you even think of how the english substitute would fit in there?
    scam? juggle? But jugaad? Magical!

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    Grazie Binoy 🙂 Thats why I’m using it. There’s no other word that could work there.

  3. norman says:

    HI. I am trying to reach MR. Dewey as well.
    However his number does not seem working. Could you post his number for me.

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