Bonus! Photographs of rural innovations

Last month, I’d described some of the innovative designs to solve common problems in rural India in my post "Innovation lessons from the BoP". I’d come across Prof Anil Gupta‘s work at the National Innovation Forum in Ahmedabad, India on the web, but today, a former student and friend, Rinku Gajera, sent me some photographs she had taken during an exhibition of their work at IIM, Ahmedabad, after reading my earlier post. Lucky her, she’d actually been there and done that! Here are her photographs and descriptions below,

Ganeshbhai Dodiya and the motorcycle driven crop sprayer


Ganeshbhai Dodiya has developed a motorcycle mounted sprayer which is powered by the energy generated from the engine. As the motorcycle is driven between rows of the plantation, the pump sprays pesticides on the crop. This sprayer also addresses the labour problem as it eliminates the tediousness of the conventional knapsack sprayers which require manual cranking to operate. It is extremely flexible with adjustable height and width of spraying boom. The device is energy efficient, time –saving, cost-effective and light-weight. It takes just ten minutes to assemble the sprayer components on the motorcycle and it is easier to manoeuvre in the field compared to the bulky tractor-mounted sprayers. The greatest benefit of this is for small farmers with limited land holding who cannot afford the expensive tractor-mounted sprayers or power sprayers.

Ganeshbhai Dodiya, a farmer from Bhavnagar in Gujarat, has been tending farms ever since he was twelve, especially since finding labour has always been a problem in that region, and thus is familiar with various agricultural machines and implements. This inspired him to come up with his innovation to overcome the perennial labour problem. This device has been adopted by about 40 cotton farmers in adjoining districts.

Mohammad Saidullah and the amphibious bicycle

Mohammad Saidullah has developed an amphibious bicycle which is a conventional bicycle to which four rectangular air floats are attached, which support the bicycle when moving in water, and fan blades are attached in a radial manner on the spokes of the rear wheel which enable it to run on both water and land. The blades are arranged in such a fashion that it can be driven in reverse direction also. The advantages are obvious as people in rural areas need no longer solely depend on the few boats which tend to be overcrowded for crossing the river and it can be done at one’s own convenience. As it operates on both land and water, the time and money required for hiring a boat to cross the river and for further transportation on land is saved. A further application could be in amusement parks or children’s parks. Saidullah was awarded the first prize for his presentation of a showcase of his innovations during the Republic Day Parade in Patna in 1995.

Mohammed Saidullah hails from Jatva-Jeneva of Motihari district, Bihar and is currently engaged in selling honey in the market. A philosopher, his mind is always occupied in problem-solving, which would benefit the family and society and he has made various environment-friendly and yet affordable functional innovations such as Mini tractor, key operated Table Fan, Fodder cutter operated Mini water pump, Conserved Energy operated bicycle and Mini turbine for electric generation.

Photo credits: Rinku Gajera/Ahmedabad, India/December 2004
Text credits: National Innovation Foundation, Ahmedabad, India

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3 Responses to Bonus! Photographs of rural innovations

  1. niblettes says:

    Necessity is the mother invention, an no one has a monoploy on needs.

  2. anil gupta says:

    i am so happy that you have interest in National innovation foundation which promotes grssroots innovations,
    pl do consider joining hands with these innovators in helping them design their products even better
    all the best

  3. niti bhan says:

    Dear Prof Gupta
    Thank you so much for your comment here and for your encouragement. I hope to realize the dream of being able to help these innovators in some way.
    warm regards

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