Showing off aka Cheskin’s book launch party

Normally, the appropriate title for such a blog post would simply be "Cheskin’s book launch party" or some such thing, but since I’m in the transition (or liminal, as I would say 🙂 state of learning how to talk about the things I do and the people I meet, I’ve added the disclaimer of "showing off". Give me time, I’ll learn to toot my horn as well as any other, soon enough.

Anyway, Terri Ducay – a friend of mine – is VP,  Data Synthesis & Design Studio Leader at Cheskin and she invited me for the launch of their book, "Making Meaning". Authors are Darrell Rhea, Nathan (needs no introduction) Shedroff and Steve Diller. The only author I got to talk to was Nathan Shedroff, and can I just say, Nathan, if you’re reading this, your mom rocks!

Other folks I met and had a chance to reconnect say ‘hi’ to were Clement Mok – he noted I was standing in the alley (the party was at the Minna Street Gallery) smoking, Sam Lucente – who knew I’d gatecrashed his earlier event – sorry Sam 🙂 and Professor Sara Beckman of Haas Graduate School of Business at Berkeley.  Jim Faris and I talked about design and Asia, then I had a chance to meet Paul Boutin, who gave me valuable tips on writing, especially for BusinessWeek. Thank you for the insights, Paul!

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  1. Ralf Beuker says:

    Niti, … as it seems Europe is not only located close to the wrong ocean (atlantic vs. pacific), but as if this isn’t enough already I’m also living in the wrong country and city … May you have interesting times 😉 Ralf.

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