Clamoring thoughts struggling to be heard

I find that I needed to write this post before I began writing any that had some thought behind them. To clear my mind. It’s been a stimulating day, thoughtfully, and I want to capture them in some way before developing what I call "real posts".

Living in liminality is liberating. Limnos came up twice today in conversations – one online through a blog, the other, earlier on the phone. And it links up to a meeting with an old friend in Singapore. I want to come back to this because a) it came up so often of late means something and I want to explore it further. b) It’s been a few months since I wrote about it and enough time has passed that one can look back and take stock of where I am. I guess the two points are related but hey, these are notes to myself.

McDonald’s entry into India, McDelivery in India, Singapore and Malaysia, adaptation of a brand to another market with very different demographics, kindly brought up by Chris Gee of The Prepared Mind in the comments to the previous post.

The long term impact of Theodore Levitt’s Globalization of Markets and whether it’s a seperate issue from the cultural arrogance of the ‘ugly american’ as mentioned by Chris G in the comments or whether the perceived arrogance of a global brand’s mode of entry into an emerging market and the attendant mistakes wholly due to B School case studies and thinking. In other words, can design thinking save us from the borg? 🙂

Walmart and India. Oy! That’s a post I’ve been struggling with for some time. It’s time may well be nigh.

Proctor and Gamble, innovation, new markets and differing strategies in different markets.

Also, I theenk I may be able to point out a couple of as yet undiscovered revenue areas based on platform innovation  for all FMCG’s – fast moving consumer goods. Heck anyone. And lastly, it may be an old idea, so must research first before spouting off.

this is one of those where I say, links later.

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