Year End collection: Autobiographical

She had a pretty gift for quotation, which is a serviceable substitute for wit.
~ W. Somerset Maugham

Inspired by other bloggers, I, too, decided to take the ending of the year 2005 to reflect upon the many changes that took place in my life this year. The biggest change of all was starting Perspective, my blog, in April 2005. Here are some personal favorites, some autobiographical, some just navel gazing, grouped into simple categories:

On your post re: Goodbyes For a global nomad, goodbyes are often the stumbling blocks of their personal development.
Classmates – saying goodbye
Fare thee well more goodbyes

Echoes by Pink Floyd
On Pico Iyer’s poem – from The Global Soul
Prayer Adolfo Quezada’s prayer
Words received in a message today Grateful Dead
Surely you’re joking, Mr Feynman – my geek side
 Miss Post for blogs – Darryl’s v.funny post on blogging etiquette
"What I believe" – EM Forster
One thousand words on being inspired by the vision of the future
Globalism – Pico Iyer
Anthem a singaporean meme
Paean to
Interim words
On gaining perspective
Tagore on Faith
House of Wine Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan
Midnight Inspiration Hokusai
Quoting the Eames, quoting the Gita
Bharathiya Blog Mela – collection from Indian blogosphere for Diwali
Deferred dreams
Beware of falling coconuts

It’s a small World
Part One: Calcutta
Part Two: Petaling Jaya 71-72 
New Delhi, October 31st 1984 The day Indira Gandhi was assassinated.
Bomb blasts in Delhi Cinema Halls – back in May 2005
Enough Already more bombs in Delhi
Another City Thoughts on moving to San Francisco from Chicago, my tenth city.
English, American, Angrezi – the many styles of English as she is spoke
Your good name pliss?
Names the story of my given name
San Francisco blue skies red sportscars
How Bollywood snuck up on me
One of my teachers Swami Vivekananda’s words
Confucious, he say… On Steve Job’s famous Stanford commencement address and the direction in which I was taking my life.
Tryst with Destiny On India’s Independence Day
Gandhi Jayanti
Happy Birthday Chacha Nehru
 Joy family
On the phone with Papa – lessons from Dad
Personal archives
The Karma of Brown Folk
Things I learnt from my mother

Hey Bhagwan an old friend, Manoj Pavithran, found
Doing what you love isn’t work Rediscovering an old friend who lives amongst tigers, Dicky Singh
Expressing Appreciation Friends through blogging
Saving the Tiger Dicky Singh’s work
Ecobabe launches! Emma’s work
Fear of blogging High school and the blogosphere

Roots, rambling and roadtrip – Toronto and Montreal, June 2005
Word of Mouth Marketing – Air Canada’s disgraceful treatment of customers

England in my mind’s eye Imagination vs reality, one colonial view
To be or not to be…a tourist – preparing for the UK July 2005
Eyewitness Account – London 9.47am July 7th 2005 Tavistock Square
Update 2330 hours London Reflections on London, July 7th 2005
Bus #30 – London, the day after
Tavistock Square pix
King’s Cross pix
Home Sweet Home pix
Thoughts after London Three weeks later on August 1st 2005

On limnos, seeking Kairos
Almost Kairos
View from my window First post after moving from Chicago to San Francisco on July 27th 2005
Living in liminality the legacy of a highly mobile childhood
On living in liminality part one with internal links to part two and three, see Limnos collection
Happiness is… a eureka moment Figuring out design thinking in real life
 Where are all the Asia hands? pet peeve in global business news
On honor and faith Planned obsolescence and it’s impact on society
Eureka & Limnos putting Descartes before de horse
Characteristics of limnos What is the "third culture" common to third culture kids
What is socio-economics? one perspective on global innovation evolution
What am I working on? some early directions
Snippets from AC2005 – a scifi fan meets Vernor Vinge and other like minds
Everything but the kitchen sink snarky? of course not, just insightful 🙂
Books as snacks! Thoughts as soundbites! a bibliophile responds to Seth Godin’s words
Cover story Bingo this one’s for Bruce
In search of wisdom: First or Best? on Bruce’s words
This is just silly Rant on miscommunication across cultures
On sharing your philosophy of life
Is design the answer? navel gazing
Passionate about design dropping out of two design schools, punctuated by Calvin & Hobbes
Act of Creation: design as metaphor Roots of NID‘s design philosophy
Workaholic hours in your twenties working late in India, women’s safety
Wells Fargo, mind your own business please Why I’m looking for a new bank
The Story of how Result became Result:McCann
, part two, part three
The KQA, a trivial pursuit
Questioning oneself

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