Year End collection: Group Blogs

The rapidly approaching end of the year 2005 seems a suitable time to collate my writing once more. Here are some topical posts from a number of group blogs on design, business, innovation and education. This is not exhaustive, some are reports, some are original content, but I’ve selected those I want to collate for later use.

Blog CPH127 – Design + Innovation
Named after the airport designation for Copenhagen, CPH127 is an international forum for design and innovation, founded by Hans Henrik HH, Jacob Botter and Magnus Christensen.
Selected posts
National Design Policies and Councils: Are they of use? – On India’s announcement of a design policy and the United States proposing the National Innovation Act 2005
Innovation Vs. Design – Larry Keeley’s response to Michael Beirut’s "Innovation is the new black" – the root, you could you say, of this discussion here.
Don’t Forget the Human Factor! – Reblogging of Morgan McClintic’s interview of David Kelley – a four part series on design thinking, design and innovation and much more by the founder of IDEO
When Brands collide – Adidas eats Reebok – Analysis of the merger of two different corporate cultures and brand stories, plus what it might mean for Nike.
Conversation on Innovation – I attended an informal discussion on innovation at the Haas School of Business, this is a summary of Harry Max’ presentation on "Improv and Innovation", with 5 key lessons that business can learn from improv comedy.
Opinion: Design Education and Culture – This subjective rant on the lack of cultural awareness of classics such as Rashomon et al amongst designers provoked comments that led to the launch of our subblog:- Runway – Global Design and Education.
STEEP, futurists and innovation – Overview of the Futuring 101 workshop I attended at the Accelerating Change 2005 conference in Stanford back in September. Some topics there I need to revisit.
Model of Global Strategic Thought – Excerpts from a research paper titled "Crucial Challenges Facing Contemporary Global Corporate Strategies" by Camila de Sousa Braga and Hélène Bertrand
Massive Change: The future of global design Description and links to review of Bruce Mau’s project.
A different look at innovation Discussing Geoffrey Moore‘s ideas
Defining Innovation My first post at CPH127, navel gazing on design and innovation.

Blog Business Innovation 2005
The blog supporting FORTUNE Magazine’s Innovation Forum held in the first week of December. Look out for a new and improved blog in January 2006. After Shopping for Innovation was published, Steve Portigal and I graced their feature on our coauthored article. Which led to an opportunity to contribute original content. I should probably collect our media coverage for that as well.

Contributions in 2005
Nov 14th 05 – What the CEO should know about recognizing good design
Nov 21st 05 – The balanced scorecard system and the management of innovation

Blog Core77 – The Industrial Design Supersite
My published articles are archived here.
My blog postings are archived here, in toto, they are snippets rather than long posts to suit the editorial flavor of Core.

Mainstream Media

Stop the Presses!! My first article for BusinessWeek, A Competitive Nation, by Design  has just been published!

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2 Responses to Year End collection: Group Blogs

  1. Niti, very good article at BusinessWeek – thoughtful, helpful and provocative!

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    Thank you Michael

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