Object lust, satisfied


This little beauty from Acer caught my eye when Papa took me shopping. We’d been talking about buying me a notebook for some time. My mom’s idea really – it’s their early (significant number ending with zero) birthday present to me. I’m sitting on the bed using it right now, with extreme pleasure. It truly is a joy to behold and to use. This is not a review, it’s infatuation.

Seriously, Sim Lim Square in Singapore is a six storey mall that only has computer stores, accessories and consumables and nothing else. The choice is bewildering in stores like Challenger, Best and Harvey Norman. Papa and I had gone out once before, when I’d just arrived in Singapore and I’d retired, confused by all the choices. Last night when I was browsing through the store I saw this machine and I knew it was The One. 1GB Ram to play games on long flights. Just 1.65 kilograms. Spare battery pack for a grand total of 9 or 10 hours. The DVD RW is external. S’ok. I was looking for something to tote around in my purse when I went to client meetings and conferences. My last notebook was a clunky 1999 Toshiba that I donated to a good cause back in the summer. This little beauty shall accompany to the neighbourhood coffee shop so I can blog (grins) like everyone else, outside.

I intend to pick up a wireless mouse but in the meantime I’ve been impressed by the touchpad. It’s really great – it’s surface is textured rather than glossy smooth so that the pointer goes exactly where you want it to. I’ve been practicing following their directions to program it for "shft" and "ctrl" keys but I’ve yet to master that skill. And this is my first blog post from it – I’d been concerned that the 12.1" screen wouldn’t show Typepad properly (I’ve had that problem with low res screens) but it fits the screen just write – freudian slip there 🙂 I could go on and on but believe me I’m loving it.

Anyway I’m only posting because it was AFTER I got home with the machine that I found out that this model had won the Red Dot award in April 2005 for Product Design. Icing on the cake of life 🙂

NB: while this sounds like a sales pitch, it’s more of a "omg, this thing looks great, feels great, works great and won a design award, omg, proof that the bs about good design isn’t bs."

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3 Responses to Object lust, satisfied

  1. Ralf Beuker says:

    … anyone out there still thinking that only men can fall in love with technology gadgets 😉 Great Birthday gift anyway! We’ll see how it correlates to your posting frequency and quality ;-)) Cheers, Ralf.

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    Rememeber Ralf, geeks come in all shapes and sizes 🙂

  3. Emma Ginger says:

    And Niti’s a nice shape and size 😛

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