Where did we go wrong?

Via Hugh, I just read Harry Joiner’s post titled "How I reached #1 on Google" with interest. Though I rarely write about my ‘real’ work – you know, the stuff that pays the rent – this post has moved me to ask,

Where are we going wrong?

Back in July, probably around the same time Joiner was considering investing in his URL, Stuart Constantine and I were debating the merits of doing the same for Core77‘s proposed new venture with BusinessWeek. This is a cobranded directory of design firms and a brand new, designed from scratch website was planned. The foundation for this directory was Core77’s original database of design firms, a part of their popular job site, Coroflot.  The concept was to separate the database from Coroflot – which focused mainly on design industry job listings and provided free space for designers to upload their portfolios and resumes – and create a more user friendly front end for it, incorporating the BusinessWeek logo. After much discussion, because it was an expensive proposition, Stu went ahead and purchased www.designdirectory.com

Today, my task is to increase our visibility in the search engines and increase the number of hits to the site. While the numbers aren’t low enough to complain about, we see the future of this site, The Core77/BusinessWeek Directory of Design, as a single point resource when you’re ‘shopping for innovation’ – design studios, design strategists and researchers, innovation and branding consultants – in short, those services considered essential to the development and successful launch of designed products.

Joiner demonstrates his success in search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. He does this approximately the same amount of time after his purchase of this singular URL. When I use the keywords "design directory" in Google, our site does not show even on the first page nor does it on Yahoo. Luckily, MSN seems to like us and we’re #1. I’ve been racking my brains on this conundrum as I wonder how we came to be so ignored by Google and Yahoo?

I’m sure the Core77 guys have their keywords and tags figured out, but even so, we can’t be so far off the map on these search engines. You can be sure I’ve bookmarked Harry Joiner’s post and his advice
(thank you!!) to his fellow bloggers and I intend to fully understand
it before I begin work on our strategy. Let’s see if we can also claim
the same successful increase in June next year.

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