Questioning oneself

Seth Godin asks some questions in a thoughtful and introspective post today that touches things that I’ve asked myself of late. As I settle into my new career as an independent consultant and wonder about new projects and new clients for the new year (lot’s of news there :P) I’ve been debating very much the same things. This paragraph in particular captures the kind of things I’ve been thinking about,

In the same breath, I wonder whether that sort of promotion should
really be necessary. I wonder whether readers will think the blogger is
selfish or self-serving (when I’m sure I’m really not.) And I wonder
about the future of the medium, because the nature of promotion is that
"10" is never enough. You always need to be at "11". And when the
competition hits 11, that becomes the new 10.

And he ends his post with these questions,

Magazines run ads.
Books don’t.

What are blogs?

Good question, Seth. It’s going to keep me up tonight (i’m on a little island between the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea for the holidays) as at some point I will have to return to the ‘real’ world of work. What are blogs? I’m tempted to say they are bite size snacks of thoughts, as per our previous discussion on the changes taking place in the world of books and writing. But I don’t have an answer either, Seth, to your most important question about promos and ads inserted in our blog posts. I will say this though, once upon a time, books (at least paperbacks) had advertising and promotional inserts. It would be interesting to find out the rationale behind their removal.

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  1. says:

    Another anniversary

    Another anniversary – a year ago I was heading off to Malacca, as the start of a Christmas break in Malaysia. Midway through my second MBA trimester, I was already feeling burned out… I’ve been reminded of this by Niti at Perspective, in a a post that

  2. I agree, Seth asks a great question. I’ll extend it a bit. What about self promotion in the comment section of another person’s blog? *That* I can’t speak on. It’s crossing the line, and I imagine that a similar rationale is behind the removal of ads in books.
    But I do have some comments on self promotion:
    The basic thrust is that we should make our own long tail, as well as the shock-wave in our future direction, readily accessible to anyone, anytime.

  3. Niti Bhan says:

    You make an excellent suggestion, David, and imho an RSS feed would work well for those of Seth’s stature, since there would be enough material to justify a feed. For myself, an about page with a bio and links to published work would be about right.
    As for your comment on the blog becoming a streaming meme (catchy title, no?) that’s the rational behind my attempts to collate my writing under collections. Brandbuilding is a long term task, and for the individual, it takes a lifetime 🙂

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