Happy Birthday, Mom

‘Tis my mom’s birthday today. Dad took us out for a great Japanese dinner at a restaurant called Megumi. We also went shopping, ostensibly to buy her presents 🙂 I like my new clothes and handbag! We shopped alright, but sad to say, she didn’t find anything she liked.

How times have changed. My mom is 21 years and three months older than I am, she was barely out of college when she was married. The story goes that my father, who was then employed as an young engineer at my maternal grandfather’s factory, was brought home by grandpa to ‘see’ my aunt. My grandfather had five daughters to marry off, not an easy task in any era, and every son in law is an engineer and I believe, a one time employee of his. I guess he figured that he had a pool of eligible bachelors that he could evaluate right there at work :). Anyway, my aunt, as the elder, was supposed to be married first, but she didn’t want to marry my dad. In the meantime, according to an uncle of mine, mom spotted him and thought he was cute. I was born a year, a month and a day after their wedding day.

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