Touchdown : Singapore

I thought that I’d be blogging about design and business in Singapore and India (New Delhi only, this trip) but after arriving last night I realized that since there’s so much more that we don’t read about these places, expect personal observations to mingle with the formal stuff 🙂

For example, last night when I arrived at my parent’s flat on the 10th floor in an HDB complex, the first thing that I noticed – or rather, recoiled in horror from – and that they don’t tell you about much of Asia, especially if they’re reporting from hotels, is the tropical wildlife 🙂 Let’s start with geckos. A gecko is a house lizard, ranging in size from teeny three quarter inch black baby geckos in the monsoon season (Nov – Feb) to the humongous, ugly, gross, repulsive (whoa, can you tell how I feel?) beige monsters about 5 or 6 inches long that roam the walls in India. I had forgotten my thirty years of training it seems, yesterday, when I went to the restroom and forgot to carefully stick my head in and check for them before entering and shutting the door.

Aargh (yes, I’ve been seriously, nauseously phobic since age 7) there was a two incher behind the door and it leapt out of the window. I had enough trouble finding that gecko link and will not be showing any pictures, I want to hold on to my breakfast :0 Hopefully I’ll remember to be a lot more careful for the next 5 weeks.

Next, minuscule ants. I’ve probably not been in those parts of the United States where house ants are a common problem, because I’ve not actually seen any in Chicago, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, but here ants are commonplace in the home and the teeniest bit of sugar or some other tasty crumb will soon result in a pile of ants with a long line stretching back to wherever they live. I found out this morning as was making myself a  cup of tea.

One of things I’ve noticed since my exposure to the Institute of Design has been my increased visual acuity and heightened observation skills. So much that we take for granted as commonplace, really isn’t once you start really "looking" at stuff. Things as small as noticing the humidity, obvious but not uncomfortable, the teeming life in the undergrowth and the astounding amount of colour. I’ll see if I can find any scientific reason for the perceived difference in the quality of the sunlight between a temperate location and a tropical one.

More, as I stumble through my day.

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