Room with a view in Singapore


My parents live in an HDB apartment complex as I’d mentioned in my previous post and this is the central park and children’s playground. There are various classes of HDB flats and as you can see, they are painted in bright colours and constantly being renovated by the Singapore government. This bright block is right across the street and ours looks just like it (oh, my aching eyes 🙂


What will take me a few days to stop commenting over, absorbing and sniffing the smell in the air after a tropical rainshower, like I did today, barefoot, is the GREEN. When I get out to New Delhi, you’ll see just drab dusty browns and greys, not this freshly washed green. I miss this, the lawn was being mowed when Dad walked me out to lunch and I could smell the difference in the air. Even the grass smells funny. Wait, I didn’t say that 🙂 this is Singapore after all.


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