Search keyword meme

Steve’s got a really cool post on his blog, where’s he’s pasted the search terms that result in hits to his site. I thought that was really cool idea, in fact, here’s a snippet of my list, almost but not as cool as his list,

picture of funnies cartoon 
punjabi and white spine neutral zone 
Chandra Gupta 2 
  Planned Obsolescence in the 1920’s 
women business schools number india low statistics corporates 
tropical islands 
homeless liminal 
crazy designers 
names and meaning   
  job description for photoshop teacher 
Interview Questions and answers asked to business manager by MNC company in India   
Pico Iyer 
philosophy of life 
Confucious words 
Friday funnies  

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2 Responses to Search keyword meme

  1. Excellent!
    I think if you’ve been blogging for four years on a silly range of topics then you’ll get a more diverse set of hits – your list is pretty cool, though!

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    Yeah, I think I’d kinda like to meet that homeless liminal crazy designer out there called Chandra Gupta 2. Is that like Terminator 2? 🙂

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