Writer’s Block

As may be noted, I’ve not really written anything of note for some days now, taking the easy way out with images and photographs. Is it writer’s block, I wondered, I don’t know. Mayhap the muse shall return and I shall hold forth once more with my circuitious circumlocution around issues related to business, strategy and design. Of course, Perspective is unique, in that it’s my personal blog, and unlike CPH127 or Core77 [what is with all these numbers, anyway? :)] or even my two contributions to Fortune’s innovation conference blog, here is where I can allow, within limits, myself to explore. Hence the recent meandering around the hidden spirals… wait, one more visual 🙂


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One Response to Writer’s Block

  1. Ralf Beuker says:

    … and I’ve thought I’m the only one (happily not) whose (blog) batteries run out of power from time to time ;-(
    In contrast look at the productive wave you’ve ridden some weeks ago which I’ve found quite impressive!
    Cheers, Ralf.

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