Wells Fargo, mind your own business, please

Funny how I read this post by Steven Baker just yesterday and commented about privacy and anonymity, when I received a call on my mobile phone today from someone called Alesandro at Wells Fargo. It’s Saturday morning. Alesandro points out to me that he is concerned that I have X amount of money in my account and it’s just sitting there not doing anything. I ask Alesandro,

NB) This is my mobile phone, is Wells Fargo going to pay for my minutes?
WF) You gave us this number to call. We just want to help you with the money in your account.
NB) Wait a minute, what  are you doing tracking the amount of money in my account and asking me what I intend to do with it on a Saturday morning? and furthermore, WHY are you tracking my account?
WF) But it’s just sitting there, not doing anything.
NB) Is that any of your business? I’m holding it to pay my tuition.
WF) oh, you’re paying tuition?
NB) Yes, if you had waited till Monday, you would have noted
that the entire amount would transfer to the Pennsylvania Higher
Education Authority
against my Stafford Loan. Tell me wtf are you doing poking into my account anyway?
WF) We just wanted to help you manage your money. [whaaaaaaaaa?]
NB) My personal banker over at the Chinatown branch is helping me thank you very much, wtf are you and why are you tracking the money in my account?
WF) I am Alesandro. From Wells Fargo. Oh yes talk to him. yes.

I would never blog my personal fiscal details, but this Invasion of the Bank Snatchers has me CREEPED out. I have had accounts in banks in Pittsburgh and Chicago, sometimes they have had a decent amount of money, how is it none of those banks ever called me on a saturday morning to ask me why I had money in my account? Can anyone give me a recommendation for another bank, please?

Isn’t this taking the concept of "targeted marketing" based on your personal information just a TAD too far?

update: I went down to the local branch and lodged a complaint. They looked up my records and it shows in bright red letters "Written consent required before soliciting" – Hello? The bank people surmised it could have been a scammer who hacked into my PC, I pointed out to them that if it were true, he’d hacked into THEIR computer since my account balances were in their systems not mine. I’m planning to go to the main downtown branch on monday. They gave me an FTC number to call. WTF?

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