National Medal for Technology

National Medal of Technology, bestowed by the President since 1985 as
the nation’s highest award for innovation, was mandated by Congress in
1980 to recognize the significant contributions that America’s leading
innovators have made to the nation’s economic strength and standard of
living… says the federal press release congratulating the most recent awardees.

For now, I’m going to put down the five companies named under the categories of  Communications, Education, Entertainment, Medicine, and Transportation only because there’s much I want to say on ILM in my next post.

  1. Gen-Probe Inc., San Diego, CA. Gen-Probe is being recognized for the development and commercialization of new blood testing technologies and systems for the direct detection of viral diseases.
  2. Microelectronics Division of IBM, New York, NY. The Microelectronics Division is being recognized for over four decades of innovation in semiconductor technology, including the development and introduction of the DRAM cell, copper wiring, silicon on insulator (SOI) technology, and high speed silicon germanium devices.
  3. Industrial Light & Magic, San Francisco, CA. ILM is being recognized for over 28 years of innovations in visual effects technology for the motion picture industry.
  4. Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, IL. Motorola is being recognized for over 75 years of technological achievement and leadership in the development of innovative electronic solutions, which have enabled portable and mobile communications to become the standard across society.
  5. PACCAR Inc, Bellevue, WA. PACCAR is being recognized for its pioneering efforts and industry leadership in the development and commercialization of aerodynamic, lightweight trucks that have dramatically reduced fuel consumption and increased the productivity of U.S. freight transportation.
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