The ancient indian art of chamchagiri

This is known as shameless "chamchagiri" in Hindi slang. It’s the equivalent of "brown nosing" except that we Indians can’t possibly say to our selves we’re brown nosing, heh 🙂 What to do, saar, we were born with brown noses only.

So, to get to the point, my client Kevin Farnham has a full colour photograph of himself in the Business Times this week (Nov 4th to 10th) damn, I’m lazy and a day late else I would have posted in time for the issue to be current. Dsc00242 Oh well, I’ll take a badly lit digital photo of it and put it up 🙂 My point is that when he called to tell me about his full colour photograph in the newspaper, I asked him, hooray, what shall I do, cut it out and keep it for my scrapbook? heh. not the right answer to give your biggest client, eh? Well luckily I never said I was teaching anyone how to run a business better did I? Alright alright, you’re brilliant and you didn’t need me to tell you that in a blog. However, just because it’s so much fun to embarress Kevin, I’m going to post a snippet here,

Biggest business weakness: Size. We’re turning away work.

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