Kairos, once more

My tingling spidey sense tells me that limnos, that threshold time, is making it’s way to kairos, the portentous moment, of something new about to emerge. Just yesterday, I was having a long email conversation with a friend from India, Poonam Bir Kasturi, where she said to me that over the past few weeks she had been in the throes of her design muse, and Poonam, let me know if you didn’t want me to quote from your email,

I am currently immersed in a project that is ending – so i am actually at the stage of giving birth to this new product range and I can tell you, its draining!

Which, in effect, is the articulation of "the pain, the pain" to paraphrase Tattoo, that all creators go through when gripped in the throes of their respective muses. So if limnos was a metaphor for gestation, then kairos is the time of birth.

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