Designers are crazy… HI Chris!

A long conversation with a friend in Hawaii has led me to believe that [making culturally appropriate visual symbol with finger near forehead] these designers are crazy. Chris, who prefers to stay mysterious 🙂 spends his time, since he moved out to the tropical islands a year ago, living the life of Gauguin.

S1199fatatatemitipostersI asked what he was up to these days, and he said, oh nothing much, surfing, surfing, some sun bathing, hanging around half naked and barefoot, lots of the sea, surfing, some design, occasionally holiday out in the Maldives, more surfing. Any wonder I hate him? He’s raised the bar for me with his example of retiring at 40. Told him that leaves me just under 6 months – not that I have a hope of reaching his level of the lap of luxury. Way to go, dude.

Thinking about crazy designers led me to thinking about Damien Newman‘s post which is a beautiful articulation derived from my Design vs. Design thinking post. He calls it Design Execution and Design Thinking (Strategy) and it made me think about the value of aesthetic design and the creation of beauty and it’s valid and healthy place, in business and innovation, as much as design strategy and "thinking" has been touted in the press. I was talking to Brad Nemer about it and he said,

"Both have their place in business, the Pebl wouldn’t be making the waves that it is without the inherent visual and textural appeal of it’s form.  Beauty is the frame for strategy."

Or was that, strategy is the frame for beauty, dude? Correct me if I misheard, wouldja? 🙂 I’m going to articulate some thoughts I’ve had on this topic ever since I finally got around to reading Damien’s post all the way through to the end of the footnotes regarding graphic design, in the classical sense, not just visual media or products.

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