Quoting the Eames, quoting the Gita

Came across this foreword today, as I was rereading the infamous and
notorious "lota" white paper, a philosophy of design that culminated in
it’s tangible manifestation as NID. I’ll write later about my designerly reunion with another NID alumnus, out and about in the city of San Francisco, but here’s an inside joke from a hindu at heart:)

    You have the  right to work but for the work’€™s sake only;
    You have no right to the fruits of work.
    Desire for the fruits of work must never be your motive in working.
    Never give way to laziness, either.
    Perform every action with your heart fixed on the Supreme Lord.
    Renounce attachment to the fruits.
    Be even-tempered in success and failures, for it is this evenness of
    temper which is meant by Yoga.
    Work done with anxiety about results is far inferior to work done
    without such anxiety, in the calm of self-surrender.
    Seek refuge in the knowledge of Brahman.
    They who work selfishly for results are miserable.

                                                                                                     – Bhagavad Gita

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