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Designer houses

I’ve always been fascinated by designer’s houses, their personal space, even unlike their offices. They’ve always been a fascinating source of information about the particular designer’s inherent visual sensibilities and innate aesthetic sense, a veritable treasure trove, call it a … Continue reading

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Gamer Gen: Civ III as virtual MBA?

Back in May 2005, I wrote a post on the book "Got Game: How the Gamer Generation is Reshaping Business Forever" where the authors,  John C. Beck and Richard Wade, argue that gamers glean valuable knowledge from their pastime and … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

As may be noted, I’ve not really written anything of note for some days now, taking the easy way out with images and photographs. Is it writer’s block, I wondered, I don’t know. Mayhap the muse shall return and I … Continue reading

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"Whoever wants to know something about me—as an artist, the only notable thing — ought to look carefully at my pictures and try and see in them what I am and what I want to do." – Gustav Klimt  

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Images of New Delhi, Winter 2002

Since I’d pulled out the holiday pix anyway, here are a few more. Gurgaon is considered a suburb of the greater Delhi sprawl, though technically not part of the National Capital Region. It’s in the state of Haryana, though according … Continue reading

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New Delhi, intermittently supplied

The first time I returned to New Delhi, after moving to the US in March 1998 was in December 2002. Those five years were the longest stretch away from my parent’s homes, and my eyes were unaccustomed to the myriads … Continue reading

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Fear of blogging

Ever since I joined the blogosphere as a newbie, I’ve respected Shel Israel‘s writing on the Naked Conversations blog – and his early advice to me on how to link and gain readership, how to reference my previous posts etc … Continue reading

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