Collected thoughts – Design Industry

I noticed that I’ve written a random collection of thoughts on the design industry, and have selected some here.

Design studios, hiring etiquette

A loose confederation of skunkworks
Dream teams thrive on mix of old and new blood
When Newsweek has a design special
Changing landscape of the design industry
Adding business metrics to design
ID Strategy Conference
PR for Design
Fast Company June 05 Masters of Design issue
Graduate design education and Core77
Brand development in India
Good design and unknown brands
P&G takes design seriously – job advertisement analysis
Comparing P&G job description to another
Design, branding and the BW IDEA awards
Ergonomics, BW and other thoughts
Core77 article on Design and China
Generation Gap or Digital Divide? – user interfaces for the elderly
Experiencing design thinking in life
Design language and branding – user interfaces by a newbie
Design vs. Design thinking
Design is a commodity
Three case studies – design language of a successful brandDissolution_2
Observations on designer’s blogging
Why call it design thinking?
Call it collaborative intelligence
MBA and Master of Design together
Strategic design firms compared
Brand experience – Analysis of a merger – fuseproject and crispin porter
The ‘magic’ of design
Exercises for design thinking
Team building for designers
Is the design the answer? – navel gazing
My 2 rupees on design thinking

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