Collected Thoughts – Limnos

SophialargeSince I’ve noticed a spate of new visitors on my site recently, and I’ve read Jakob Neilson’s latest essay on "good weblog design" for usability, I thought I’d start collating my writing under subject headings, categorized as "Collections". The first collection was from "Does Size Matter?". Given below, however, are my thoughts on Limnos, liminality and it’s relevance to "design thinking" and innovation. There may be some overlap between collections, however so I encourage you to browse through them all. Thank you for visiting.

On Limnos, in chronological order:

Stumbling on the concept via Pico Iyer
Living in liminality embracing the concept
On Limnos, seeking Kairos
Changing landscape of design
Business opportunities in design
Another City – multimover’s experience
Almost Kairos
Happiness is…a eureka moment experiencing design thinking
Design vs Design Thinking
Organizations and conferences – seeds for innovation
Kaleidoscopic comparative advantage
Living in liminality – detailed
Eureka & Limnos – A work in progress
Terms defined : Liminality
We’re going from history – we can’t start in the future
We have to start in the future, we have no history
Evolving with market forces – case study
Presence – book review and thoughts
What am I working on?
Chaos and Order: Limnos in between
Souls in the Great Machine v.2 – conversation with Ralf
Drawing the line on ambiguity
Why collaborative intelligence, not design thinking
On living in liminality – Part One
Part Two – Characteristics of Limnos
Part Three – Why Limnos is good for digestion
Part 4 : Design thinker par excellence – Brad Nemer
On writing, Part 5, kind of 🙂
The ‘magic’ of design
Found: A how to for design thinking
On sharing your philosophy of life – teams and team building
On gaining perspective
Is design the answer? – Eureka, innovation and enlightenment
My 2 rupees on design thinking – Summary of my thinking and thesis

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