One person’s genealogy

"To me it's a question of being able to look backward
and give the present a root… To give meaning to where we are today,
we need to look at where we've have come from."
(Richard Leakey, in National Geographic, February 1998)


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One Response to One person’s genealogy

  1. Just yesterday I had a conversation with my brother on this matter. Our father’s father was German from Volga river valley. That is about all we know. He never learned English. My father only shared that much and no more. So there is not much of a root for the present. Not as much as I would want at least. No one alive that knows the story let alone even part of the story. But this is not so rare I suppose; especially for a generation that faced the depression and was more concerned with surviving.
    In either case, good post. For me thought provoking.

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