The Family of Man

To Evelyn, whose writing, as always, triggers a thought in me and when she and I converse, I can write chapter and worse 🙂 Her post today titled, These are not Conversations, These are not Relationships, moved me enough along with an email, to write this post and reincarnate my perspective.

After all *grin* I’m a hindu, and I have no choice. But wait; actually I do have a choice. I digress here, but while in general, a hindu is considered a fatalist, who waits for his destiny, I believe that may be the attitude of another caste. My caste, that of a UP bania or the third caste of four; on my father’s side, I’m of the pangoria gotra and the mathurvaishya subcaste. On my mothers, we are Agarwal banias. Now, here’s the kicker, my father’s last name, as is my paternal grandfather’s, is Gupta. My mother’s last name, as is my maternal grandfather’s, is Gupta. Since I have 9 uncles and 7 aunts, let’s just say that by the time I came along, and I’m the eldest grandchild, they had enough Guptas and gave me my grandfather’s middle name as my surname, Bhan.  This way, if I screw up in the blogosphere, their reputation, family integrity and social standing is not ruined 😛 After all, the internet is the world wide web. But to circumlocute to my point, something that those who drink beer with me suffer often enough (that’s why I LOVE my blog, it lets me circumlocute away to my hearts glory since I’m not boring anyone to tears in person ) we come from a long line of hindu businessmen (toot toot, dad genotyped his dna and sad to say, has been around the Indus valley for 30,000 years, descending from the original Y chromosome of "Eurasian Adam" father of everyone) and Papa told me when I was telling about my journey of seeking on my blog (he knew J Krishnamurti in Benaras) that our businesses are founded on the same principles of our philosophy. Therefore, we do not interpret Karma as Destiny, we interpret Karma as Newton’s First Principle, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the only difference between thermodynamics and relationships is compassion. I am my father’s daughter.

Dave wrote me a couple of very nice long emails that helped me realize that my distress over the reasons for closing down the blog in response to what Evelyn writes about has less to do with the criticism of either marketing or branding, and more to do with my good name. As Bill told me the other day that the reason he enjoys working with me is because of the sense of fair play and ethics, and I said, thank you sir, as you know I’ve just started out as a professional in this field and I am building my brand. That is my good name. And I learnt it from two of the world’s leading branding and interaction design agencies.  For the same reason, due to a personal noncompete I signed in the real world, I’ve stopped posting at the blog that Steve Portigal and I founded. We so often "live" in the blogosphere because it echoes our minds "our thoughts live in our minds" that we don’t realize how much virtuality and reality can commingle. And to those who see only one lens, I tell you that designer frames can look really hot with just the write eyebrow waxing. Btw, I look wonderful, if I say so myself, but truly it’s not about me. I found just the most wonderful lady today who does eyebrows but by visually looking at your nose, your eyes and the shape of your bones to design the right eyebrows for you. Thank you Kathy, Kathy’s Nails, at Kearny between Pine and Bush. For $10.

I’ll link this up later to everything. I’ve a very important lunch tomorrow and want my beauty sleep 🙂

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One Response to The Family of Man

  1. Natalie Ray says:

    Peace and Love, my sister. Surely there’s a way you can continue to share your wisdom and insights without causing disruption with your contracts???

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