tat tvam asi

I have pondered long and deep, all through the night it seems, since I just realized it’s a quarter past six in the morning. Metaphors are beautiful things, they give shape to concepts during the liminal phase of innovation. Once we are one we cannot blog anymore. Or at least, not the blog that led us to enlightenment.

I’ve practiced with Change, the only constant and it may take a week to be manifest. Till then, I’ll post pretty pictures in core77.

Writing my last post on Does Size Matter? was easier to let go of, because I have passed on that mantle of observation. But Perspective was my journey. I was talking to Papa yesterday about this. After this point in my journey, as the eye opens, blinks away the fog and then begins to see, you realise that after a point the non disclosure agreements become too stressful to continue blogging. The intellectual property and the non compete, bind me in ways that I find it now impinges on my very personal blog. I never imagined I would be giving this up for you can imagine how much I will miss it.

ps. I had this very discussion with a close friend of mine and I said that what I did could not be commoditized. He agreed.

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One Response to tat tvam asi

  1. But you never know. I had noncompetes in place when I started Crossroads Dispatches. I’d get a phone call, “You mentioned Google.” Me: “What?! So?” “Well, we could compete with them.” When your clients are paranoid, you find ways to navigate. I stopped blogging on tech, and found tons of things I could write about. It turned out perfect, in the long run.

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