In search of wisdom: First or Best?

Bruce Nussbaum asks an interesting question at the end of his post today,

   So what is the value of being first online today? The best increasingly trumps the first.

Since his post started with a mention of the increasing "commoditization of knowledge" I’d like to turn his question around a little, to one that I would like to answer.

So what is the value of being first with information [or knowledge]  online [or in the public eye] today?

If indeed, as Bruce says,

The commoditization of knowledge has been a great surprise to many who
thought knowledge would forever be a competitive advantage to the U.S.,
Europe and Japan. Not so, as knowledge industries and activities are
increasingly outsourced to India, China and Eastern Europe.

IMHO, Knowledge will always be a competitive advantage. The question of first or best, however, is a matter of how well you leverage knowledge and in what manner. Quality of information, it’s interpretation, if you will, then, becomes the currency of this economy. Is it the "conceptual age" or the "creative economy"? It doesn’t really matter, does it? More and more it seems to me to be the "Make it happen" economy. 🙂

What do I mean by the "make it happen" economy? Simple. You need to make something happen, a story, a brand, website, a new source of revenue, fill in the blank, so you will call the person/people who can "make it happen" for you. Cost, time, resources, then, in this case become the "design criteria" if you will of the project "Make it Happen." 🙂 And Thomas Friedman et al, are only pointing out how technology becomes an even more effective tool to "make it happen", around the world.

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