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An MFA teaching at B School?

Reading Bruce’s blog posting about the Institute of Design today made me think about my creative experiences at the Katz Graduate School of Business, at the University of Pittsburgh. Also since Ian and I have begun a conversation on "Global … Continue reading

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Innovation lessons from a railroad

This is the framework for the Balanced Scorecard, from the website of the Balanced Scorecard Institute, and here’s their definition, The balanced scorecard is a management system (not only a measurement system) that enables organizations to clarify their vision and … Continue reading

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Passionate about design

A  friend of mine used to say that he felt that the best education was the scool school of hard knocks at the university of life.[ I just noted the freudian mispelling of the word scool 🙂 cool, that’s how … Continue reading

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Enough, already!

When do you say "Enough"? Reading this morning‘s news about the explosions in crowded parts of Delhi shook me to say the least, Govindpuri is just a mile away from my parent’s house in Alaknanda. My mother goes to Govindpuri … Continue reading

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Collected thoughts – Design Industry

I noticed that I’ve written a random collection of thoughts on the design industry, and have selected some here.Design studios, hiring etiquetteA loose confederation of skunkworksDream teams thrive on mix of old and new bloodWhen Newsweek has a design specialChanging … Continue reading

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Collected Thoughts – Limnos

Since I’ve noticed a spate of new visitors on my site recently, and I’ve read Jakob Neilson’s latest essay on "good weblog design" for usability, I thought I’d start collating my writing under subject headings, categorized as "Collections". The first … Continue reading

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Midnight Inspirations

the silk painting known as ‘the dragon on smoke escaping from mt. fuji’ by hokusai

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