The “magic” of design

Taking a paragraph that Neelakantan wrote yesterday,

When there are no measurements, how do you measure? Such situations
could exist because nobody has bothered to measure or there are no
Perhaps there is no substitute for experience. Regardless of the best
process definition, sometimes, some things are just intuitive. You know
it will work or it wont. In one of Indias automotive factories, during
a visit to the compressor unit, as fresh engineers we wanted to know
how the workers there tracked the multiple dials that showed various
measures. How did they ever know where to look? So, we asked them. One
of them nonchalantly replied, "Oh, we just hear the compressor and we
know what to do!" While driving too, we get a feel of our vehicle and
anytime that "feel" does not sound whole hearted, we know, somewhere
something is screwed up.

Its amazing how the human mind works and works around any process by creating its own intuitive measures (short cuts, if I may)!

made me think about the "eureka moment", more so in the context of the process of design. Ultimately the point where you stop iterating and tweaking the prototype, whether a tangible product or interactive media, is when the "gut" says Enough. This is what will work. It could be that some things just cannot be measured or broken down into their component parts, like magic, they exist when the "whole" is far, far greater than the sum of the parts.

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2 Responses to The “magic” of design

  1. This may be what I have thought of as a kind of intimacy; an intimacy that comes with time and lots experience. I had an electrician visit my home once to check my furnace. He sniffed the air for a brief second or two and told me what was wrong with the furnace. He could “smell” what was wrong. It is pattern recognition dialed way up!

  2. Niti Bhan says:

    exactomundo as a ninjaturtle would say :)) don’t you feel it too, when you’re going to speak in public, where the sound recedes from your ears and you have no clue what it is you’re saying but later everyone’s coming up to you to shake your hand and say, wow, what a profound speech :))

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