Expressing Appreciation

After a conversation with Jens this morning where he pointed out just how much writing I’d been doing, I noted that much of it had been inspired by conversations with others. I thought I’d take a moment to express my appreciation to:

Evelyn Rodriguez, founder of Crossroads Dispatches. I met Evelyn for a cup of coffee last Sunday morning, when the conversation just flowed so easily that we ended up talking for almost 5 hours. Thank you Evelyn for a most inspiring conversation. She shared with me  her experience after the tsunami, her journey of exploration and her search, how best to put it, for enlightenment. They say the experience of the journey is often more valuable than reaching the destination. I’m looking forward to her next blog.

Ralf Beuker, founder of Vol.2 Design Management, another inspiring conversationalist. After I’ve talked with him, I always end posting some unusual insight.

Jens Hilgenstock
, founder of sachlichkeit, whose perspective on the world has an undercurrent of humor in it.

Michael Wagner, founder of White Rabbit Group, who, while not a blogger himself, expresses himself well in writing emails and really should be blogging!

Lastly, my friends and clients who keep me grounded in the real world.


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